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Ocean Tech leans toward long term sustainability – enhancing its CSR and ESG accountability in 2021-2022.

Ocean Tech realizes the importance of integrating social and environmental commitments with its professional activity – all while fully complying with proper management and ethical conduct standards.

The vision is to achieve such robust synergy throughout the entire process of creating value – especially to our customers and employees following with society as a whole.

Accordingly – social added value is being created as part of Ocean Tech’s core activities,

supplemented down the road with tailor-made initiatives that boost participation and inclusiveness.

Direct activity as part of our core business – pure and clean cyber activities, together with routinely enhancing the protection of our clients’ commercial secrets and their costumers’ privacy, are the cornerstones for delivering high-magnitude social value of diverse potentials. These usually depend on the scope of our clients’ operations and sectors – obviously, one can only imagine the negative outcomes of the threats and in contrast – the value of real-time protection.


We put our employees at the forefront of our policies. We clearly understand that their competences, skills, agility and out-of-the-box thinking - are not only the keys to the continuity of our success but are also exactly those qualities that set us apart from others. Ocean Tech promotes the representation of people with disabilities and disadvantaged populations among its employees and subcontractors. We encourage significant participation in social activities as part of the listed personal goals for reward and compensation. Notwithstanding the known difficulties of locating skilled professionals in our sector, there is significant demand to join Ocean Tech. This allows us to keep on improving the job selection processes and choose only the ones with the highest long-term potential, while supporting employment in the periphery, depending on each specific project.


Indirect activity via assistance to social organizations in the non-profit sector as part of Ocean Tech’s commitment to social responsibility. We, quietly support various social businesses and charities. We share below just a taste – in most such activities we refrain from advertising both them and us.


We take all of these very seriously and make every effort to continuously improve and self-audit our activities, choosing fitting clients and projects, as part of our annual program and long-term vision.

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